5 Significant Benefits to be had from Email Marketing

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The online world has undergone a metamorphosis of Himalayan proportions in the past decade. Breakthroughs made in the SEO and automated social media landscapes have made such a massive impact on online campaigning per se that email marketing seems redundant now. Yet, innumerable businesses around the world still bank on this time-honored technique of web-oriented marketing for promoting their products or services and fervently look forward to higher ROIs.

You can expect to forge a more steadfast business relationship with your niche segment and hope to attract greater volume of traffic spending much less than what you’d on conventional media. No wonder, email marketing is still being exploited by countless businesses, big and small. Following are five significant benefits that you or your business can reap from email marketing.

  1. Minimal investments or costs

Advertising your product or service on mainstream print and electronic media was always expensive. These days promoting your wares on billboards, newspapers, TV channels, and LED signboards have become prohibitive, to say the least. On top of that, you remain in the dark about whether such big-ticket investments will fetch you a handsome ROI. On the other hand, you can popularize your business via email marketing at a cost that might be less than a fraction what you’d on mainstream canvassing. Email marketing helps in improving professionalism in your approach, it is important to have a professional approach wherever you are. Whether it is a commercial garage door repair service or a simple web development service.

As far as email marketing is concerned, you don’t need to apportion funds for printing leaflets, flyers or brochures. Neither do you have to employ sales & marketing professionals at high salaries nor do you’ve to pay through the nose to TV channels or newspapers. Yes, you’ll need to invest in automating, evaluating and email tracking software or engage a SEO specialist but even then your total outgoes will be lesser when compared with expenses incurred on conventional mainstream media.

  1. High ROIs

All business organizations and entrepreneurs invest in promotional activities with the expectation of earning a return on their investments. With typically traditional modes or channels of marketing, you can never be sure of even recouping your investments, let alone receiving returns. However, a meticulously devised email marketing strategy can at least guarantee you a regain of your initial investments. If the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is to be believed, then for each and every pound you invested in 2011, you could’ve expected a return of £40.

  1. Email Marketing Metrics are Assessable

One of the biggest and most glaring drawbacks of traditional marketing tools and techniques is that the metrics or analytics used to review the outcomes or results (from running such campaigns) are inaccurate or cumbersome. You never know whether the projected sales figures due to advertising on billboard will match the actual sales outcomes. Conversely, email marketing enables you to make more precise estimates via techniques that are more assessable like delivery rates, click-through rates, and open rates, and so on.

  1. Immediate Results

Since an email can be sent to anybody regardless of his or her location (anywhere in the world) almost instantly, one also starts getting the results within a short period of time, sometimes within hours.

  1. Worldwide Reach

Mainstream media channels do carry your promotional insert that can be seen by a large section based throughout the nation or the world. But you’ve no way of telling who’s going through your advertisement. Email marketing not only publicizes your ware across a much larger section of global audience but also lets you connect with users.

Five types of email marketing techniques every marketer should follow

Before designing an email marketing campaign it is important to understand the benefits related to it. You should focus on designing an email campaign that can benefit you and give you the best value out of your efforts. Some of the techniques that can help you out are:

Digest: It is an innovative technique that consists of useful lists and links. You can include all the important links related to your website and improve your reach among your clients. Blog digests are really popular as they provide notifications related to your campaigns.

Leads: Lead nurturing is known to be really beneficial for all the businesses. It helps in sending useful content that focuses on series of emails. It is kind of an email blast technique that keeps your prospective clients engaged. Using the lead nurturing techniques has been really useful in generating business and getting in more and more clients.

Newsletters: Email newsletter are known to be the best way to spread brand awareness, leverage contents already present in the website and they give the flexibility to using engaging content according to your organizational needs. You can easily include popular blog posts, engaging contents, and links to your website, upcoming event information and much more.

Dedicated emails: Dedicated emails are the best when it comes to call to action results. They are driven by results and dedicated emails have been helping huge amount of people generate useful leads. While creating dedicated emails you need to make sure that you create an informative email and send it to the people who are related to your business.

Sponsorship emails: In sponsorship emails you might need to spend more than original email marketing techniques. Though it increases your expense but it is really useful in getting desired results.

Important aspects of email marketing

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The trends of marketing have been changing and it is really interesting to see the way business is being conducted. Personalized emails that can help in attracting clients are the way to go. It is important for the marketers to understand different aspects related to email marketing and approach the client as per the business trends. Some of the points that can help you create a good marketing campaign are:

Digital Newsletters: These forms of email marketing documents are always loved by clients. If you have something informative in a proper format then most of the users will open it. If you are involved in a business related to business magazines or media outlets then it is very beneficial for you. Including images and banners is very helpful as it can get clients attracted towards your business.

Event invitation: If your company is organizing an event then you can create well designed invitations and invite your clients. You can send bulk emails to the clients and send the invitation to everyone in one click. It is really difficult to search for different people and invite them individually. You should always try to search for ways that can save time and reduce costs. Sending bulk invitations does not cost much and you can send the email from the comfort of your office.

Product updates: Irrespective of the fact that you are in a product development industry or a service industry, there will always be updates in your services. It is important to keep your clients informed about the product updates and changes in your services. Create an innovative advertisement and send all the information to your prospective clients. If the client finds your service to be useful then they will surely contact you and it will be beneficial for you business.

Benefits of email marketing

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Email marketing has been in trend and it has changed the way businesses used to function. Communication is an important factor when it comes to developing any business. You need to understand the importance of communicating with your target group and improving your reach. Email marketing has helped huge amount of people in reaching out to different target groups around the world. Some of the benefits of email marketing are listed below:

Personalized messages: The biggest benefit of email marketing is that they allow you to send personalized messages. You can easily send bulk emails to huge amount of people and create a personalized email for your email. In order to attract consumers it is really important to create attractive email messages that catch the eye of the prospective client.

Real time emails: There are good designers out there that help in sending real time emails. They help in setting innovative marketing campaigns that can be sent to huge amount of people at a single time. This also helps in saving costs and efforts. You can do all this from your office and you don’t need to go to each and every client. Visiting each and every client in-person is a really difficult task.

Frequent communications: In traditional forms of mails it was really difficult to go through frequent communications. But with the advent of email marketing it has become much easier for the business owner to reply to the emails of all the clients and provide answers to all their queries. Communicating is always an essential task and with email marketing it gets really easy.

Reduction in overhead costs: As mentioned above, email marketing is really helpful when it comes to reduction in time and cost. You don’t need to spend extra money for door to door salesman. You just need to send email and answer the queries of your clients.

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